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The first well of the Well of Hope Foundation

Our first well is going to be dug in Cameroon, in a village near Yokadouma, in cooperation with the mission of Oblat Brothers.

Plac budowy Citizens of the village and Father Alojzy Chr?szcz have already chosen the place for another well, with a kindergarten to be built nearby for the construction of which they have also already gathered materials, wooden planks and metal sheet.

Listen to the conversation Father Alojzy and Krzysztof Skowro?ski had for “Tr?jka” Polish Radio Station.



Plac budowy In his letter, Father Alojzy wrote: “On Monday, I took the material to Mobalo, 15 kilometer deep in the forest and, then, a person responsible for installing the well started his job. Circles are already placed in the well, and now the top of the well was covered with reinforced concrete. In Yaounde, we managed to get only 15 meter of necessary pipes; we tried to get the remaining party in Yokadouma. Unfortunately, the ones they had were not of the same diameter.




Plac budowy That is why we need to stop the works for 2 days to get to Bertoua (300 km) in order to buy components necessary to reduce and connect pipes. These are our small and big problems, where the nearest shop is situated within the distance of 650 km 🙂 But, one thing is certain – we will have water here in 10 days.”





Plac budowy A photo of Christian Community in the village grateful for help and assistance.

As the construction of the well has proven to be cheaper than originally planned, it will be possible to dig 7 other wells, without installation of a deep-well pump. Digging has already started in the Community of Modoumo.

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